company presentation

company presentation

Let us introduce our applications company of the painting, coating, trowel machine, concrete remediation and „cast“ coating the floor with full service finishes:

We provide:

  • Anti-corrosion coatings of steel structures
  • Fire protection coatings of steel structures and concrete
  • Cast floors (eg Sikafloor Systems) as coating of concrete floors
  • Painting interior (plaster, concrete, plasterboard, ...)
  • Facade coatings (concrete, plaster, ...)
  • Machine gypsum plaster applied to the interior plaster or concrete surfaces
  • Redevelopment and remediation of concrete surfaces piecing systems
For more than 20 years we have offered the application of coating compositions, special coatings, shot blasting, sand blasting, fire resistant coatings, coatings of board floors and floors in halls, storage areas, multifunctional and apartment buildings.
Our company is also focused on difficult aggressive environments and chemical plants. With these our customers have the guarantee of 5-15- year target functionality according to the conditions of ISO 12-944 standard along with high stability, protection of constructions, basins, hydroblocks, pipelines and other equipment for media transport.
Among our main activities is a complex surface finishing of hypermarket buildings.
A special kind of service is the application of fire resistant coatings using attested coating compositions of different resistance degree according to the pyrotechnic standards. We are a certified applier of fire resistant coatings with rich and long-time experience.
Apart from the metal surface finishing we are also focused on concrete surface treatment, as well as on preparing the treatment, surface treatment of exteriors and interiors of prefab concrete buildings (industrial halls, shopping malls, …), realization of industrial floors using different kinds of epoxy resin and subsequent coatings.

With our customers we always try to find the most reasonable compromise between the target functionality, represented mainly by the life span of the coating, the attained quality and the price level. The first phase of the communication with a client is the projecting and engineering of the coating systems. On its basis we subsequently work out the offering sheet of the coating system.

We offer a wide range of coating compositions (synthetic, polyurethane, epoxy, acrylate) produced by JUB (Slovenia), NOVATIC (Germany), Tikkurila (Finland), Caparol (Germany), SIKA (Germany), MC - Bauchemie (Germany), Wilckens (Germany). Our company is a certified applier of the prominent European and world-wide producers of coating compositions listed above.

For increased corrosion protection we apply coating systems using high dry matter epoxy, polyurethane, polyester, polyacrylate coating compositions produced by the largest paint producers in the world – JOTUN (Norway), HEMPEL (Denmark) and Tikkurila (Finland). In this way we try to keep up with the ecological trends well-known in Scandinavia and western countries and associated with the renowned companies mentioned earlier. First of all, we concentrate on the quality barrier protection, the high quality surface treatment achieved by the combination of projected coating systems according to the ISO 12 944-5 standard and the width of dry composition coating guaranteed in a protocol.

For preparing the surface we use high-pressure air and water technologies of the listed producers. These technologies ensure clean, sandblasted and roughened surface. Surface prepared in this way is one of the basic conditions of a quality surface preparing and subsequently also of the surface treatment itself.

We apply the coating compositions using the high-pressure AIRLESS spraying equipment GRACO and Wagner with reduced losses during the application. This equipment is nowadays top on the market.

When treating a surface we provide an in-process control of the quality of application parameters and of the work carried out. We do this in cooperation with inspection technicians of coating system importers. The evidence for that is the protocol of the surface treatment. This protocol contains also measured parameters of the final coating. Going out from that the life span of the system can be assumed under precisely defined conditions of the ISO 12-944 standard.

We believe that our offer is interesting and we look forward to working with you.