Quality policy

ISO 9001
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Our company has introduced a quality system certified to ISO-9001: 2008 in year 2005.

The basic orientation to the company and RR Unlimited Ltd. is no market and competitive company, offering services painting, painting, machine squeegees, remediation and concrete poured floors high-level customer and create a reliable and strong background.

main strategic goals

  • customers deliver only those services that exceed the minimum quality requirements
  • anticipate customer expectations and advance to respond
  • collaborate especially with quality suppliers
  • take all available measures to ensure long-term business cooperation with material suppliers and service

Liabilities company management (to support the above strategies)

  • create conditions for achieving these objectives to all employees
  • aims to implement the strategy of regular quarterly review
  • in case of failure to take corrective action goals
  • plan the necessary resources to meet the objectives
  • improve the qualifications of all staff
  • continually improve the effectiveness of all parts of the quality management system
  • comply with applicable provisions of all laws and regulations

expectations of company management (by employees and associates)

  • consistent and strict adherence to established procedures documentation SMK
  • responsible for the high quality of his work
  • prevent errors rigorous self-control